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New Features

What's NEW in the Digital NZISM

The new digital format of the NZISM (d-NZISM) introduces a number of new features to the document to make it easier for users to access and export key information and controls.


Keyword search searches the full document


In addition to keyword search the d-NZISM has an advanced search function that allows controls to be searched for by the security classification they apply to and compliance (should/should not etc) of the control.


Advanced search also enables controls to be searched for based on the theme or topic.




The new d-NZISM enables the full framework, chapters or section of it, and the results from advanced searches to be exported. Results are able to be exported in PDF, CSV and XML formats.

Control Numbering

Chapters, content, Rationale and Controls have visual numbers displayed as you view or search the content.  The development of the d-NZISM has enabled us to provide a fixed (machine) numbering system for controls (CID). This Control ID (CID) is fixed to that control.  This means that if we shift a control inside the NZISM framework (i.e. we add a chapter or section etc) while the visual numbering will change the machine number will remain constant, allowing controls to now be referenced by that number.


While establishing the d-NZISM we became aware that numbering of content in particular reference tables was not consistent. To bring numbering consistency to the document has meant that there are significant changes to the numbering of controls between this and previous versions. This is a one-off change as we have implemented control identification (CID) across all controls.  This means that for future versions of the NZISM, if the display number of a control changes due to content being added, removed or moved, the CID number will remain the same and provide an easy reference point to users.


Mailing List

Users can now subscribe to be notified by email when there are changes to the NZISM.  Entering your details in the subscription box will generate an email to you asking you to confirm you wish to subscribe.  Repeat the process to be removed from the mailing list.

This list will only ever be used to provide updates on the NZISM.